Objectives of the library

  1. Upgradation of Knowledge.
  2. Develop the reading habit and practice of self study.
  3. To keep abreast with the latest developments and innovations in education through Journals and Magazines.

We have a well furnished Library with a permanent & qualified librarian & attender. The library is spacious and illuminated with a seating capacity of – at a single time. Our library is exhaustive comprising of text and reference books on education and its allied subjects in both English and Kannada medium. The details of our library resources are indexed as below

Total No. of Books : 11882

Total No. of Titles : 1121

Total Collection

Sl no. Title of the Subject No of  Books
1 Reference books 1958
2 Encyclopedia ,dictionaries, General knowledge year book, Atlas 120
3 Philosophical and Sociological foundations of Education 692
4 Education in Emerging India 110
5 Understanding learning and Motivation 60
6 Educational Technology 91
7 Skills and Strategies of  Teaching 40
8 History source books 349

Method Books

Kannada, English, Hindi, Marathi, History, Geography, Physical Science, Bio-Science, Maths.


Optional subjects

ICT E, Physical Education, SUPW, Population Education,  Adult Education, Environmental Education.

11 Source Books on Education 713
12 Educational Management 375
13 Educational Psychology 524
14 Other Books 768
  Total 7008
  Total Number of Titles                     1121

Library Journal

Daily News Papers

Periodicals and Magazines